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Vantagens de possuir um trailer de transporte pesado (2)

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Large transport vehicle hydraulic module vehicle

Hydraulic large-scale transport trailer As a basic model for the transportation service industry of large-scale logistics enterprises, hydraulic trailers are the theoretical basis for the design of most large-scale transport vehicles.The hydraulic trailer adopts the traditional hydraulic suspension and overall development traction steering,the hydraulic system controls the cost up and down,three-point or four-point support,all-wheel traction or control management steering,and all-wheel braking.Therefore,it has the characteristics of low cargo platform height,uniform wheel axle load,small turning radius,flexible,safe and reliable turning.Tablet computer network box-type main beam frame,modular production and manufacturing,data splicing can be carried out according to the length and weight of the goods,and any combination can be analyzed horizontally and vertically.Quick splicing, convenient installation,simple and easy operation,and has a certain self-loading and self-unloading capacity in China.When driving up and down slopes or slopes the plane of the vehicle body can be adjusted within a certain period of time to maintain the relative position of the economic level.In addition,the hydraulic trailer is equipped with a hydraulic gooseneck,which can be used as a hydraulic semi-trailer,which is suitable for high-speed long-distance vehicles on my country's high-speed railways and highways.

Large transport vehicle hydraulic trailer Heavy Transport Trailer

The large bridge transport vehicle is a newly developed 300-500-ton vehicle in the field of road heavy-duty transportation.The truck has a total length of 70m,a width of 5.5m,a height of 4.4m,and a load capacity of 230t, including a bridge load capacity of 120t,which can carry up to 500t of cargo.The bridge is equipped with an automatic steering system and an independent lifting system,which can realize automatic steering or manual steering and lifting of the bridge,and can be used for the transportation of large transformers and chemical equipment.During the transportation of tank equipment,propeller trucks are increasingly used.Its structure is different from other vehicles,it is not a hydraulic suspension,but a lifting hydraulic device installed at the connection between the frame structure and the vehicle.The entire concave frame structure is connected to the front and rear vehicles respectively,and the front vehicle is connected to the tractor,so it is called a hybrid vehicle.This is much cheaper than a hydraulic axle car. However,due to the lack of hydraulic suspension to adjust the carrying capacity of each suspension,it carrying capacity is limited,and the current carrying capacity is generally 200-350t.

Oversized transport vehicle embarrassing transport vehicle

The carrying capacity of the concave plate transport vehicle is in the range of 50-300t.This kind of car adds a concave plate structure between the front and rear trains,mainly to reduce the driving height of the car.Due to the structure and limitations of different parts of the connection between the Chinese train and the concave plate,the analysis of its bearing capacity cannot be too large.When the whole vehicle is transported,the concave plate can be close to the ground by using the lifting system function of the hydraulic suspension at the same time, which effectively reduces the driving height.

Large-scale transport vehicle in the large-scale transport yard

The heavy-duty large-scale transport vehicle is an important part of the heavy-duty vehicle transportation field.It has relatively large tonnage,a speed of less than 30 km/h, and usually has its own power.Since such vehicles can only be transported in docks and large factory buildings in most cases,they do not pay enough attention to the outside world.Due to the diversity of cargo transportation, yard transport vehicles are used more,such as hydraulic module vehicles,shipyard hydraulic flat vehicles,beam transport vehicles,etc.



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